TMA - software services - healthcare

Electronic medical records. Health insurance. Clinical decision support. Health device management & control. DNA alignment and analysis.



  • 12 years
  • 400 engineers
  • Clients from Europe, USA, Australia, Vietnam

Sample Applications

  • Remote health monitoring
  • Patient analytics
  • Pharmacy automation
  • Medication analytics
  • Clinical research tools
  • Hospital data analytics
  • World Mosquito Program (WMP)
  • Fitness solutions
  • Human GNOME sequencing
  • Health Information Systems Programme (HISP)
  • Environmental Health & Safety

Sample Projects

  • Remote Health Monitoring Platform
  • Health Information Systems Programme (HISP)
  • World Mosquito Program (WMP)
  • Clinical Research Tools
  • Fitness Solution
  • Pharmacy Automation
  • Human GNOME Sequencing

Remote Health Monitoring Platform

Real-time monitoring health status (heart rate/ECG, body temperature, blood pressure, SPO2) of elders/patients via wearable devices

Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) for developing countries

  • Big data
  • Applied in 60 countries
  • with Oslo University

World Mosquito Program (WMP)

  • Dengue & Zika prevention
  • Applied in 12 countries
  • Funded by Australian government

Clinical Research Tools

Applying data sciences and AI in clinical research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device

Fitness Solution

  • Connected Treadmill, Freemotion, Biker, WateRower
  • Track heartrate metric with ANT+ device, Cardio connection, heart rate monitor devices

Pharmacy Automation

  • Medication Management Solution
  • Aged Care

Homecare Services

  • Aged Care
  • Monitoring Centre
  • 500K customers