Project Highlights

  • Studio owners can create classes for all members and track heart rate metrics with ANT+ devices, Cardio connection, and manage member and device profiles.
  • IoT devices are integrated into the In-App, Mobile, and Website for communicating and monitoring member data during workouts.
  • CRM application allows studio owners and users to manage lead dashboards, calendars, events, KPI goals, emails, messages, and user profiles.

About Client

Our client, a franchise of boutique American fitness studios, specializes in group workouts that combine heart rate zone training with strength exercises. They utilize heart rate monitors in their classes to provide personalized guidance, indicating when participants should push harder or take a break to recover.

Industries: Healthcare
Location: America

Client Challenges

Seeking a multi-platform gym solution that could adapt to a big chain of fitness studios

As the client's fitness studio franchise expanded nationwide, the urgency to enhance the gym experience grew. Their existing systems couldn't deliver the personalized, efficient workouts customers wanted. Moreover, the client recognized that they were not fully utilizing their user data. They faced the challenge of transforming this data into customizable workout plans to retain existing members and attract new ones with tailored fitness experiences.

To address these issues, they sought a fitness platform solution that could:

  • Collect and analyze data: Gather and utilize user data to develop a comprehensive training program based on heart rate, metabolism, fat burn, and calorie indicators.
  • Enhance coach-trainee interaction: Develop a fitness app that monitors trainees using their devices, enabling coaches to interact with members in the studio and assess the efficacy of the training regimen.

TMA, chosen by our client for expertise in software development services, developed a fitness solution that collects data from trainees and automatically creates personal workout plans based on the client's database.



Integrating IoT solutions with multiple third parties to enhance the management of owner studios

Real-time Workout data recognition: Employ real-time workout data communications from fitness equipment devices via Ant+ Legacy and Bluetooth protocols. 

Customer service: Create a customer relationship management application that:

  • Personalizes member experiences, boost engagement, and drives loyalty.
  • Optimizes class booking and service/membership registration for a smoother experience for both staff and clients.
  • Fosters deeper customer interaction through targeted communication strategies.


With the work completed by the TMA outsourcing service, the solution helped:

  • Expand for Indoor/Outdoor Workouts: Develop companion apps like OTLive and OTF Mobile to extend studio services for indoor/outdoor workouts, especially during COVID-19.
  • Improve trainee experiences: Optimize workout experience and results through personalized routines based on customers' data to boost performance with measurable health metrics.