Solution Highlights

Improve senior care services with a system that monitors health, alerts caregivers of issues, and enables communication between elderly residents and their families.


Problem Statement

The current healthcare landscape faces challenges in accurately, promptly, and comprehensively monitoring the daily health of elderly individuals. Traditional methods may lack the precision and immediacy needed to address their evolving health needs.

There is a growing demand from family members to stay informed about the daily activities, lifestyle choices, and health conditions of their elderly relatives.

Existing solutions often fail to provide a holistic view or real-time updates, leaving caregivers with limited visibility and causing undue stress and uncertainty.



Elevate senior care services by implementing a comprehensive system that tracks health, alerts caregivers of abnormalities, and fosters communication between elderly residents and their families.

  • Assist senior care service provider in tracking and monitoring the health of elderly individuals.
  • Implement a notification/alert system to notify caregivers of any abnormal health situations in seniors.
  • Facilitate sharing of elder's daily life updates within the senior living facility with their relatives.


  • Provide  24/7 monitoring services to ensure premium care standards at the nursing home.
  • Elevate the quality of service delivery within the facility to enhance the overall experience for residents.
  • Foster trust and peace of mind among families by offering transparent insights into the health and well-being of elderly relatives residing in the nursing home.