Solution Highlights

  • Home-kit solutions streamline homecare service, minimizing the need for travel and reducing waiting times at healthcare facilities.
  • Allowing personalized care for each member of a family.
  • Enabling continuous monitoring of health conditions.

Problem Statement

  • Time-consuming traditional healthcare services: Involve traveling to and waiting time at healthcare facilities
  • Lack of health data: Health indicators are not measured regularly, making it difficult to monitor users' health.
  • Shortage of healthcare personnel, doctors: Insufficient doctors, healthcare staff, and uneven distribution of doctors/patients among regions.


  • Device connectivity & Health data collection: Integrate with Homekit devices to measure vital health indicators such as temperature, SPO2, heart rate, glucose level, blood pressure, and sleep, enabling health data collection and individual monitoring.
  • Medical record storage, examination history: Enable storage and access of medical records and examination histories anytime.
  • Online booking: Provide an online booking tool for examination or consultation with doctors/professionals.
  • Video call with doctor: The doctor conducts a video call through the platform for remote medical examination, allowing the doctor to diagnose the disease and give advice.
  • Resource optimization: Users will be able to provide health data constantly at home without the support of service providers.


  • Enhanced convenience and accessibility: Minimize travel to healthcare facilities, particularly benefiting those with mobility issues or in remote areas.
  • Expanded access to diverse healthcare options: Provides more options like telemedicine, home care service, etc. connecting patients with specialists regardless of location.
  • Healthcare service quality improvement: Enables continuous monitoring, proactive intervention, and better disease management, leading to enhanced overall health.