Solution Highlights

  • Leverages advanced AI to detect and identify pests and diseases in the field, aiding effective agricultural management.
  • Support farmers in managing and monitoring the progress and development of crops in the fields. 
  • Reduce manual labor in agricultural processes, thereby increasing productivity by up to 50%.

Problem Statement

Rice farmers face significant challenges in managing pests and diseases that can severely impact crop yield and quality. Traditional methods of pest and disease detection are labor-intensive, time-consuming and often lack the precision required for effective intervention. A solution that can provide accurate, timely, and efficient pest and disease monitoring is needed to ensure the health of rice crops and optimize farming operations.

Acknowledging these challenges, TMA Solutions, a Vietnamese software development company with expertise in AI applications, developed an advanced AI-powered system to detect and identify pests and diseases in the field. This innovative solution is designed to help farmers effectively prevent and control pest outbreaks, reduce costs, and significantly increase production efficiency.



A pest detection system utilizing advanced AI to detect and identify pests and diseases

  • Pest detection: Use a special pest detection machine to automatically identify and classify insects in the field.
  • Detect diseases in rice paddy: Allow users to detect diseases that rice plants are experiencing by taking photos of the plants and uploading them onto a mobile application.
  • Real-time notification: Send real-time warnings if the monitoring device detects harmful insects or pathogens on rice plants.


The AI pest detection system brings several key benefits

  • Flexible deployment: Easily deploy the solution in various environments and situations without requiring major changes or specialized setups.
  • Human effort optimization in farming work: Reduce the manual labor required in agricultural processes, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity by up to 50%.
  • High accuracy: Deliver precise and reliable identification of pests and diseases up to 90%.

Success Stories

The AI Pest Detection solution has been successfully implemented across an entire province in Vietnam, with a total of 3 pest detection machines. The solution is now being used to detect and manage 8 different diseases and 8 types of pests in rice paddy fields. This comprehensive deployment has significantly improved the region's ability to monitor and control agricultural threats, leading to healthier crops and increased productivity for local farmers.