Solution Highlights

  • Use Computer Vision technology to instantly identify and classify various types of road damage.
  • Achieve up to 85% accuracy in detecting road damage, significantly improving road safety.
  • Enhance road quality by automating the detection and reporting of damage for prompt removal and repair.

Problem Statement

Maintaining road quality is a critical aspect of public safety, yet traditional methods of road damage detection are often slow, labor-intensive, and inefficient. Potholes and cracks often go unnoticed and unrepaired, creating safety hazards for drivers and pedestrians. Delayed detection and repair not only compromise public safety but also lead to higher maintenance costs as road conditions worsen over time. This scenario underscores the urgent need for a solution that can provide real-time, accurate detection and reporting of road damage, ensuring timely repairs and optimizing resource allocation.

Recognizing these issues, TMA Solutions, with its expertise and capability in software development, developed an AI-powered road damage detection system. Using Computer Vision technology, this solution revolutionizes how road damage is detected and reported, making road maintenance more efficient and effective.



A real-time road damage detection system utilizing advanced AI in mobile applications to detect road damage in real-time:

  • Real-time road damage detection: Utilize Computer Vision technology to identify and classify various types of road damage instantly.
  • Map location marking: Pin the detected road damage locations on a map.
  • Drivable area segmentation: Segment drivable and non-drivable areas to ensure driver safety.


  • Real-time detection and reporting: Detect road damage in real time and display it on a map of the whole road network.
  • Efficient resource allocation: Reduce the need for manual road inspections, optimizing the use of maintenance resources.
  • High accuracy: Demonstrate high accuracy rates of above 85% on road conditions in India, Japan, and Europe, ensuring reliable results.