Project Highlights

  • Utilize cutting-edge AI technology - sound analysis to enhance real-time fault detection during the valve manufacturing process.
  • Achieve up to a 99% rate of faultless products, markedly improving product quality consistency, and reliability.
  • Enhancing quality control and manufacturing efficiency by automating the detection and removal of faulty products.

About Client

Our client, a leading manufacturer in the construction materials industry, specializes in manufacturing and supplying pipe accessories, spray cans, labor helmets, and high-quality engineering plastics. Based in Vietnam, the company aims to leverage technological advancements to maintain exceptional quality control in its products.


Client Challenges

As our client's business grew, the limitations of traditional manual quality checks became apparent.  With an increasing volume of orders, the existing processes struggled to maintain the high standards of valve manufacturing.

Inconsistencies and potential errors became more frequent, directly impacting product quality. Additionally, the limited labor force was unable to ensure every product was faultless before delivery. 

Recognizing these challenges, our client sought a proactive solution to detect and correct faults during the manufacturing process itself. TMA Solutions, a Vietnamese software outsourcing company with expertise in AI applications, was brought in to develop an AI-powered fault detection solution that could automate quality checks, thereby reducing human error and increasing production efficiency.



A sound-based fault detection system utilizing advanced AI to detect anomalies during the valve manufacturing process

  • Sound detection: Sound sensors capture signals during valve tightening
  • Model classification: Data processing and input into a model for fault and normal valve classification
  • Notification: Signals are sent to a robot arm to remove faulty products, ensuring only quality items proceed in production


With the work completed by TMA AI outsourcing service, the solution helped:

  • Enhance quality control: Real-time fault detection significantly improves product quality consistency and reliability, achieving a faultless product rate of up to 99%.
  • Increased production efficiency: Automation of fault detection and product segregation increases production efficiency, reducing bottlenecks and downtime.
  • Scalability: The system's flexibility allows it to adapt to increased production volumes without the need for proportional increases in labor.