Project Highlights

  • Leveraging advanced text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies to enable hands-free interaction, ensuring the app accessibility and usability
  • Integrating real-time GPS data with Generative AI to deliver dynamic, location-based trivia content, enriching user engagement
  • Increasing user experience by offering personalized and continuously refreshing content relevant to their surroundings

About Client

Our client is a leading company that manufactures automotive components including transmissions, navigation systems, and brake systems. With a global presence, it is committed to quality, innovation, and sustainability, focusing on advancing automotive technology and contributing to the future of mobility.


Client Challenges

Our client developed a trivia challenge app aimed at allowing drivers to ask questions about their points of interest (POI). However, the existing app is facing the below limitations: 

Safety concerns due to manual interaction

The client's trivia app requires drivers to use touchscreens to conduct the Question and Answer session for the target destinations. These activities might distract drivers, posing safety risks by diverting their attention from the road.

Static and non-location-based Trivia content

The app is unable to offer real-time, location-based trivia questions, missing the chance to engage drivers with relevant content based on their surroundings. This limitation kept the trivia experience static and disconnected from the driver's journey, reducing personalization and engagement.

To address the Trivia app's limitations, our client sought a technology partner with expertise in AI and automotive software development to help them deal with current challenges. They selected TMA for its strong capabilities in Automotive and AI, aiming to leverage generative AI to enhance content dynamism and driver experience.



To tackle the app's challenges, TMA deployed an innovative approach focused on enhancing hand-free engagement and real-time dynamic content.

Hands-free interaction application with NLP technology

TMA applied advanced text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies, enabling drivers to interact with the app via voice commands. This reduced the need for manual input, minimizing distractions and making the driving experience safer.

Providing dynamic, location-based content using Generative AI

TMA has enhanced the trivia app experience by integrating real-time GPS data with Generative AI, leveraging APIs from Google Maps, Apple Maps, and OSRM (Open Source Routing Machine) to provide precise location information. This data is then utilized by ChatGPT to generate trivia questions that are highly relevant and tailored to the drivers' current locations. 



With the outsourcing work completed by TMA Automotive Software Center, the solution brings:

  • Improved accessibility and convenience: The integration of NLP technology makes the app more accessible and convenient for drivers. They can now engage with the trivia content more freely and comfortably without the need to navigate through touchscreens.
  • Personalized experience: By utilizing real-time GPS data to generate location-specific trivia questions, the app offers a highly personalized experience that resonates with the drivers' immediate surroundings. 
  • Educational value: Location-specific trivia enriches the driving experience with educational content about the surroundings, adding value beyond mere entertainment.