Solution Highlights

  • Support extract health indexes such as blood pressure, blood glucose, body temperature from 30 medical devices, prescriptions, and in-body physical results
  • Allow users to customize to extract content they want by labeling which field to get data
  • Applied in healthcare service providers such as remote health monitoring, clinics, pharmacies, nursing home

Problem Statement

The healthcare industry faces significant operational challenges that hinder its ability to provide efficient and effective patient care. From manual data entry to the management of diverse medical records, these challenges compromise the quality of healthcare services and pose risks to patient safety. The key issues include:

  • Inefficient manual processes: Healthcare staff spend considerable amounts of time on manual data entry and analysis, a labor-intensive process that diverts resources away from patient care and contributes to operational delays.
  • Risky errors: The reliance on manual processes for data handling increases the likelihood of errors. Mistakes in data entry or analysis can lead to incorrect treatment plans, affecting patient outcomes.
  • Scattered records: Patient records are often dispersed across various formats and systems, making it difficult for healthcare providers to access a complete and integrated patient history. 

The absence of quick and reliable access to comprehensive patient data slows down decision-making processes. Healthcare providers find it challenging to make timely, informed decisions, impacting the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery.



TMA’s OCR solution offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges facing the healthcare industry. Our OCR solutions comes with:

  • Content extraction from various sources: The solution can extract content from a wide range of sources, including more than 30 popular medical devices, such as MediUSA, Microlife, Omron, A&D Medical, Wellue, Sinocare, Checkme, or Accu-Check. It also supports collecting data from prescriptions and in-body results. This capability ensures that critical data, such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, body temperature and other vital health metrics, can be digitized accurately and efficiently.
  • Dynamic template creation: Recognizing the diversity of data types and formats in the healthcare sector, our solution offers a dynamic template feature. Users can create custom templates by labeling specific fields in an initial sample document. Once set, the OCR system automatically identifies and extracts data from these predefined fields in subsequent documents.


  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Automating data entry tasks and prescription management streamlines processes, reduces administrative works, and increases operational efficiency within healthcare settings.
  • Effective accessibility: The digitization of healthcare records and test results through OCR technology enables healthcare providers to access critical patient information remotely and make informed decisions promptly.

Success Stories

Our OCR solution has successfully been applied in many healthcare service providers in Vietnam, which helps automate customer data extraction, hence streamline and optimize their operation.

Beyond healthcare, TMA’s OCR solution has been used in many projects in other industries, including finance, banking & insurance, retail, manufacturing, logistics, education, and recruitment.