Project Highlights

  • Modernize legacy systems by migrating them to the cloud service (AWS), enhancing reliability and scalability.
  • Increase operational productivity through the integration of CI/CD deployment, streamlining development and deployment processes.
  • Scale the platform by optimizing performance, ensuring efficient and reliable operation for all users.

About Client

Our client is a management company specializing in elder care services. They offer consulting services to local assisted-living facilities, addressing a variety of aging and disability-related issues. Additionally, our client owns and operates a chain of similar facilities throughout the EU.

Industry:Senior Care

Client Challenges

Seeking solutions to enhance system performance to accommodate high customer traffic on the company's website and mobile application.

With the increasing demand for health care services for the elderly in the Nordic region with more than 400,000 customers regularly using the service every day, our customers are facing system overload leading to delays in providing services and promptly reporting health conditions to them and their families.

To address these issues, they sought a solution that could:

  • Improve system performance: Casily access, monitor, and manage devices such as mobile social alarms, remote monitoring, and alarm response services offered to local authorities, service providers, or individuals for multiple devices connected at the same time without having an overload problem.
  • Build a friendly UX/UI for both the website and mobile application: The collected data shows that the majority of customers use their phones to access the service. Therefore, they want to refresh the website's UI/UX and optimize it for mobile devices.

TMA, chosen by our client for expertise in software development services, developed a cloud solution that enhanced the platform's scalability by optimizing performance and ensuring efficient and dependable operation for all users.



Boost operational efficiency by implementing CI/CD deployment, which streamlines both development and deployment processes.

  • Cloud migration: Transition to AWS cloud services, incorporating automation and mobile-enabled technologies while maintaining features customized to our client's specific business requirements.
  • Integrate CI/CD deployment: Assess and enhance the current architecture to scale the system, thereby boosting operational productivity.
  • Enhance UX/UI design: Implement a mobile-first design approach, prioritizing the mobile version over the web versions.


With the work completed by the TMA outsourcing service, the solution brought about significant enhancements:

  • Provide a responsive web application enabling customers to browse various products and services.
  • Balance the workload and handle numerous signals from client devices across different regions 24/7.