Project Highlights

  • Design and develop a new client portal to ensure comprehensive insurance purchases via any devices.
  • Enhance existing site performance by up to 30%, ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Optimize claim processes by more than 20%, reducing turnaround time and improving efficiency.

About Client

Our client is a company specializing in pet health tech and a top-tier pet insurance provider in Australia and New Zealand. The company is striving to leverage the latest technologies to provide the innovative claim solution that supports a million claims each year.

Location:Australia and New Zealand​

Client Challenges

In today's digital landscape, where mobile devices serve as the primary gateway to online services, our client faces the pressing challenge of modernizing their web portal to align with evolving user preferences. Despite a significant portion of customers initiating their journey through mobile devices, the current online purchasing process presents complexities and lacks mobile-friendly design, potentially hindering insurance package purchases.

Furthermore, with the aim to optimize user experience and operational efficiency, our client seeks to enhance their claim platform to accommodate a substantial volume of claims—up to a million annually. Ensuring swift and seamless claim processing is paramount to delivering exceptional service and retaining customer satisfaction.

To address these challenges, our client has collaborated with TMA Solutions, a Vietnamese software development company that expertises in creating visually appealing, mobile-responsive interfaces while bolstering the scalability and performance of their claim platform. By revitalizing their digital presence and optimizing claim processing capabilities, our client aims to enhance overall user experience and drive business growth in the competitive insurance landscape.



Redesign Pet Insurance Management Platform that enhances the user experience and optimize claim process.

  • Mobile-First Website Redesign: TMA Solutions undertook a comprehensive redesign of the client's web portal, prioritizing mobile responsiveness and user-friendly design. This ensured that customers could seamlessly navigate the site and complete insurance purchases on any device.
  • Streamlined Claim Platform: Leveraging their expertise in scalable software solutions, TMA optimized the client's claim platform to handle a high volume of claims efficiently. This involved implementing robust backend systems and streamlined processes to ensure swift and seamless claim processing.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Through TMA support, the client was able to significantly enhance the overall user experience. From simplified purchasing processes to expedited claim processing, every touchpoint was optimized to maximize customer satisfaction and retention.


With the work completed by TMA software development service:

  • Claiming processes were optimized by over 20%, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Monitoring information on the Site Portal reduced invoice loss risk and errors by up to 30%, mitigating financial risks.
  • Integration with vet records facilitated accurate pet and user information, streamlined subscription purchases, and simplified appointment booking processes.