Solution Highlights

  • Utilize smart cameras equipped with edge AI for real-time detection and alerts for unusual behavior.
  • Include capabilities for gun detection, aggression detection, vandalism & throwing detection, trespassing detection, loitering detection, and crowd detection.
  • Enable faster and more accurate detection of potential threats, enhancing public safety and security responsiveness.

Problem Statement

Public areas such as parks, streets, and community centers face significant safety challenges due to:

  • Slow surveillance response: Delays in traditional surveillance systems hinder timely threat detection and response.
  • Heavy reliance on manual monitoring: Dependence on human monitoring creates gaps in security coverage, making it difficult to detect emergent threats.
  • Vulnerabilities due to human error: Relying on humans to monitor security can lead to oversight of subtle or rapidly evolving situations, resulting in serious security threats.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional surveillance, governments, and local authorities are increasingly adopting AI-powered systems to enhance security in public spaces. In response, TMA has developed advanced AI solutions to efficiently detect unusual behavior in real time.



Smart cameras with edge technology provide real-time detection and alerts for unusual behavior.

The solution integrates smart cameras equipped with edge AI technology to provide comprehensive real-time surveillance in public spaces, including the following functions:

  • Gun detection
  • Aggression detection
  • Vandalism & Throwing detection
  • Trespassing detection
  • Loitering detection
  • Crowd detection

Additionally, the system is equipped with a management website that features a user-friendly dashboard for monitoring, a list of all cameras, and customizable settings for each camera. This allows for real-time video feeds and incident reporting, ensuring tailored and efficient surveillance for various public space needs.



  • Real-time detection of potential crimes & violations: Continuous monitoring of surroundings to identify suspicious activities or behaviors.
  • Enhance public safety: Immediate detection of crimes and violations ensures a safer environment for the community.
  • Reduced reliance on manual monitoring: Decreased need for constant human supervision, allowing for a more streamlined workforce.