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Vietnam's AI Development: Government Readiness & Strategic Implementation

Vietnam's AI Development: Government Readiness & Strategic Implementation - Created date15/02/2023

With the Government AI Readiness Index, British consultancy company Oxford Insights aims to measure government preparedness to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in the delivery of public services to their citizens. Vietnam earned an average score of 53.96 points in 2022, increasing from 51.82 points in 2021 and surpassing the global average of 44.61, according to Oxford Insights, which ranked 181 countries this year, up from 160 in last year’s iteration. Under a national strategy on AI research, development, and application to 2030, approved by the Government on January 26, 2021, Vietnam aims to make AI a spearhead technology in the fourth Industrial Revolution. The country also strives to become a center for innovation and development of AI solutions and applications in ASEAN and the world by 2030.

At present, many provinces and cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Da Nang, and Hue have applied AI in various fields such as healthcare, education, and public administrative services. From the economic perspective, Vietnam's AI research, development, and application in the future will contribute to solving problems in socio-economic development, and supporting domestic enterprises to improve their competitiveness. Grasping the AI development trend, several large enterprises have built and developed AI research and development centres in Vietnam, which have attracted leading experts in this field from around the world. Products applying artificial intelligence are a prerequisite to promote the strong development of this industry and are the lever to speed up digital transformation in Vietnam.

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