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Vietnam-Australia Collaboration on Tech Innovation and Smart City Development

Vietnam-Australia Collaboration on Tech Innovation and Smart City Development - Created date16/04/2023

Vietnam and Australia recently held the Australia-Vietnam Tech Forum in Ho Chi Minh City, which attracted over 70 executives from 42 technology companies. The event introduced Australian expertise in fintech, digital transformation, and smart cities. Under the plan, Vietnam aims to utilize Industry 4.0 technologies to improve productivity and accelerate economic growth. With a large population, a government committed to ambitious goals, and one of the fastest-growing digital economies, Vietnam shows promise as a thriving market.

The World Bank has released data suggesting that Vietnam’s digital sector may surpass US$ 200 billion by 2045, which represents a huge figure compared to its GDP of US$ 352 billion in 2021. An industry expert has noted that the country’s fintech payment value has risen by 2.98 times from 2017 to 2021, primarily driven by e-commerce.

The Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner at Austrade, Rebecca Ball, stated that the Australian government supports ASEAN in its development of sustainable smart cities, including Vietnam. Australia is working with ASEAN to create cities that are smart and sustainable. For instance, the InnovationXchange program of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has allocated AU$ 5 million (US$ 3.3 million) for a pilot project aimed at providing support to scale up high-growth potential enterprises, focusing on smart urbanization solutions in ODA-eligible cities across ASEAN.

In 2021, the two sides launched an artificial intelligence (AI) cooperation network. The network gathers Vietnamese individuals, businesses, and organizations working in AI, both at home and abroad, to cooperate with Australian partners. As OpenGov Asia had reported, the network intends to bring Vietnam opportunities for learning from Australia and around the world to create a favorable environment for AI development to prosper in Vietnam. Through this, realizing the ambitious goal set out by the national AI strategy, they seek to enter Vietnam into the top four of ASEAN and the top 50 in the world in AI research, development, and application by 2030.

Source: OpenGov Asia