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TMA x ADLINK: Using Edge AI for Smart Building Surveillance

TMA x ADLINK: Using Edge AI for Smart Building Surveillance - Created date08/09/2023

Enhancing Security with TMA's T-Cam Edge AI Surveillance Solution

T-Cam Edge AI Surveillance 

The rapid advancements in technology have taken the concept of smart buildings to new heights, and the latest innovation in this field is the integration of Edge AI Surveillance systems. TMA and ADLINK have partnered to create our cutting-edge Edge AI Surveillance solution, ready to redefine security and efficiency in smart buildings.

T-Cam is a device that combines the capabilities of an ordinary digital camera with the processing power of AI-powered computers. "Edge" means that these devices can process and analyze data at their local location, or at the network's edge, rather than being sent to a central server or cloud for processing. These cameras can make instant decisions on the factory floor through real-time image processing and data analysis, making it possible to improve efficiency and reduce interruptions.


T-Cam Development 

  • Flexible Deployment: The T-Cam system is adaptable to be used in a variety of surveillance structures. It is also capable of upgrading existing surveillance systems without needing to build new infrastructure.
  • Low Latency: The Edge AI cameras process data on-device, lowering latency through the use of surveillance video streams that are analyzed by EOS-JNX at the edge and eliminating video transmission to the AI inferencing server in a cloud, as well as decreasing network load.
  • Personnel Private: T-Cam systems can be set up to handle data locally and minimize the risk of data breaches or unwanted data access. This ensures video events and personal information are kept private.


Harnessing the Power of T-Cam Edge AI Surveillance Solution


  • Detect and warn when people enter prohibited areas
  • Identify and notify blacklisted persons

Safety AI

  • Detect and warn when unaccompanied children enter the pool
  • Identify and notify pets entering harmful areas 

Facility Management

  • Monitor and manage parking vacancies
  • Monitor and notify illegal dumping


EOS-JNX-I Edge AI Vision Inference System

ADLINK's EOS-JNX series of NVIDIA Jetson-based Edge AI vision systems are designed for industrial AI machine vision applications to control PoE power remotely through a built-in Smart PoE feature and connect to IP cameras to enable AI inferencing. Additionally, it offers an uplink port to enable the recording of video streams over a network NVR, making the upgrading of existing surveillance systems easy.

  • AI inference acceleration with NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX
  • Fanless system 187.5(W) x 149.5(D) x 55.25(H) mm
  • Wide temperature range from -20°C to 70°C
  • Expanded storage by microSD/M.2 PCIe SSD for larger application installation
  • Supports 12V to 24V DC-in
  • 4 PoE ports supporting 60W total power
  • Smart PoE software API supports power output control and power loss detection
  • Internal USB connector for software license dongle

ADLINK Technology

ADLINK is one of the world's leading-edge computing companies and a technology-leading platform provider in the embedded computing industry. It creates and deploys Edge AI solutions that directly address mission-critical business and technology challenges to connect people, places, and things faster.