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TMA welcoming new year with a visit of university students

TMA welcoming new year with a visit of university students - Created date01/03/2022


  • TMA reactivating Lab-Tour activity, welcoming university students

After a long pause due to the epidemic, at the end of February, TMA reactivated Lab-Tour activity, and welcomed university students to visit and learn about the company. This is an activity to connect universities and TMA, giving the students a vivid and visual perspective of the actual working environment at the company.

To ensure safety against the epidemic, students participating in the lab tour were arranged in a certain limited number, and required to strictly comply with regulations on epidemic prevention.

The university to begin the first Lab-Tour of 2022 is Van Lang university. The students were all very excited to visit and learn new things.


  • TMA participating in student quality assessment

Every year, universities often organize meeting and exchange activities with businesses to learn about the desires and needs of recruitment, as well as to survey and evaluate the quality of students with the desire to improve training quality.

Currently, with more than 3300 employees, TMA is one of the companies with a large number of IT personnel as well as high recruitment demand. TMA often receives invitations to participate in supporting assessment and student training development activities at universities.