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TMA reviving offline activities with universities after a long hiatus

TMA reviving offline activities with universities after a long hiatus - Created date30/03/2022

Since the beginning of 2022, TMA has coordinated with universities to organize many interesting activities and attractive offline events. Lets take a look at a few typical activities in the past March.

The meaningful exchange of Dr. Nguyen Huu Le with students of Quy Nhon University

On the morning of March 7 - 2022, TMA accompanied the Faculty of Information Technology of Quy Nhon University in the online "Cognitive Internship" program, thereby transmitting a huge amount of useful information to nearly 150 students.

In particular, this program was honored to have the participation of the Chairman of TMA Solutions - Dr. Nguyen Huu Le. As a TMA representative as well as a child of Quy Nhon City - Binh Dinh province, Dr. Le shared with students the development orientation of TMA in the new period, along with many valuable advice. Dr. Le encourages the students to make more and more efforts, contributing to the goal of building and developing the IT industry in Binh Dinh province in particular and Vietnam's central region in general in the future.

In addition, the students continued to listen to more general introductions about TMA as well as the information about recruitment programs through the sharing of Ms. Lam Thi Thanh Thao - Head of Administration and Training, along with the sharing of Mr. Tran Hoan Anh Nguyen - Head of Data Science Group about AI/Data Science.

Welcoming students from the University of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City to visit and learn about TMA

On March 9 and 10, TMA collaborated with the Faculty of Electrical - Electronics, and Telecommunication of the University of Transport to organize a tour to learn about the company for nearly 100 final-year students whose major is Electronics and Telecommunications.

Coming to the program, the students had the opportunity to meet and interact with a Senior Project Manager at TMA, who is also an alumnus of the university, Mr. Dong Pham Thanh The. Mr. The introduced the students to an overview of TMA, as well as shared a lot of useful information about the Electrical - Electronics and Telecommunication industry that they are studying.

In the program, the students also came to visit several offices at TMA as well as learn about many new technology trends in the field of 5G, AI, IoT,...

Job Fair at the University of Science and Technology at Da Nang

During the 3 days of March 17, 18, and 19, TMA had many interesting activities with the students of the University of Science and Technology at DUT Jobfair 2022.

This is the first time TMA has joined DUT Jobfair with the orientation of expanding cooperation with universities in the central region of Vietnam as well as searching for and fostering IT talents in this land. Also within the framework of the program, the representative of TMA had a meeting and discussed with the university representative the plan of cooperation in training, job support, and internship opportunities for students soon.

At DUT Jobfair 2022, in addition to consulting and recruitment activities, TMA also participated in 2 seminars attracting more than 100 students with hot topics about ICT Technology Trends, 5G, career orientation, and opportunities…

TMA also awarded 05 scholarships worth 2 million VND each to students with good achievements in the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications.