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TMA Participation in "Green Together" Conference: A Focus on Sustainable Tech

TMA Participation in "Green Together" Conference: A Focus on Sustainable Tech - Created date21/07/2023

Recently, on July 20th, a pivotal conference was held, bringing together representatives from various levels of government in Vietnam, the United States, Japan, China, along with leaders from domestic and international businesses and investment sectors, as well as esteemed economic and energy experts from renowned institutions like Harvard University, Fulbright University Vietnam, and Peking University.

To advance the cause of a greener society, Fulbright University Vietnam and the Maureen & Mike Mansfield Foundation collaborated to launch the initiative, "Towards a Green Society - Crucial Foundations for Energy Transition in Vietnam." This visionary project aims to explore essential prerequisites and strategies to accelerate the energy transition process in Vietnam. 

TMA's Invaluable Insights into Energy Transition

During this momentous conference, TMA Tech Group actively participated and gained valuable and in-depth insights into the challenges and opportunities surrounding the energy transition in Vietnam. Maintaining a steadfast commitment to fostering socio-economic development in the country, TMA seized this precious opportunity to directly engage with policymakers, experts, and prominent business leaders.

Climate Action Urgency and Vietnam's Vital Role

Among the distinguished speakers at the conference was Climate Envoy John Kerry, who passionately emphasized the urgency of global climate action. Highlighting that our actions have put the world in an urgent state, he pointed out that countries and private companies are investing significantly in clean energy futures. Notably, Vietnam plays a crucial role as a vital link in the pursuit of a greener future for the planet.

Paving the Way for a Successful Green Transition

The "Towards a Green Society" conference proved to be a remarkable platform, facilitating in-depth discussions, expert presentations, and collaborative dialogues. Through these interactions, innovative solutions, essential policy frameworks, and significant investment opportunities were proposed, all of which lay the groundwork for a successful green transition in Vietnam and beyond. TMA Tech Group is proud to be part of this transformative journey towards a greener, sustainable future for the country and the global community.