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TMA Innovation win two Vietnam Smart City Awards 2022

TMA Innovation win two Vietnam Smart City Awards 2022 - Created date28/12/2022

TMA achieved two consecutive awards of two categories at the Vietnam Smart City Award 2022 organized by VINASA.

TMA was honored with 2 awards

On the evening of December 1, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Smart City Award 2022, organized by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), took place. Among 43 Vietnam Smart City 2022 awards for localities and businesses, 2 technology solutions from Tuong Minh Software Solutions Co., Ltd (TMA) were honored in 2 different categories.

Security, safety, emergency, and rescue solutions.

In particular, "Technology Solutions for Smart & Healthy Building/ Township" of TMA Innovation proudly won a 5-star award in the category “Security, safety, emergency, and rescue solutions”.

Representative of TMA received the award in the category "Security, safety, emergency and rescue solutions"

TMA applies modern technologies such as AI, IoT, and Big Data to build safety and security solutions for buildings/residential areas. In particular, the solutions for access control, smart camera, or guard control ensure the security and safety of residents and optimize operation for the management. At the same time, TMA's solution also includes healthy building solutions to control the quality of residents' living environment and a remote healthcare solution/medical suitcase to help ensure the safety of residents' health.

Smart building/ apartment solutions

In addition, with the solution ecosystem, TMA also received a 4-star award in the category "Solutions for smart buildings/apartments".

TMA representative received the award in the category "Smart building/apartment solutions"

The ecosystem helps to improve the physical and mental health of residents, optimize the operation for the management, improve the reputation of the investor, and increase the value of the real estate. TMA focuses on building a technology platform with the goal of supporting multi-industry, multi-service real estate. The solution ecosystem is managed by a centralized management system, which enables collecting and analyzing data. Meanwhile, an open platform is applied to facilitate existing and new solution integration.