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TMA Innovation proposing new solutions for safe tourism after the pandemic

TMA Innovation proposing new solutions for safe tourism after the pandemic - Created date31/03/2022

On the afternoon of March 29, Nha Trang Center for Digital Transformation and Technology Application cooperated with the Vietnam Digital Technology Alliance (VNITO), Vietnam Institute of Digital Economy Development (VIDE), Army Software Park (ASP) held the conference of Digital Transformation and Technology Application in the tourism industry with the theme "Technology for safe tourism after the pandemic".

At the event, the director of VIDE said: "Safe tourism, health tourism, virtual tours, and digital promotion will be the new directions of the tourism industry this year. Technology will be an important solution to help businesses adapt to the new situation."

Participating in the event as a member of the DX Tourism Technology Alliance and the Conference Organizing Committee, TMA brought a booth to introduce many technology solutions to help revive the tourism industry, helping businesses choose the suitable direction for long-term revenue breakthrough, such as Miguard – Remote staff and security management; T-Cam - Smart camera; M-care – Monitoring traveler is health; T-check, T-pass, T-Access – Managing access to buildings, non-touch amusement parks…

Talking about the capacity of Vietnamese digital technology enterprises participating in this event, Mr. Tran Phuc Hong - Vice President of VNITO shared: "Vietnam's technology enterprises now have many rich and bright solutions to help the tourism industry deploy synchronously at a reasonable cost. TMA Innovation is health monitoring, automation, and contact-limiting solutions that will help businesses to implement safe travel and health tourism. In this seminar, experts will introduce the latest technology application models for the tourism industry in combination with many different solutions.”

With the normal free opening to the international community and especially to tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry is facing challenges as well as potential. Businesses can seize opportunities from new weak signals: changing market needs, new technologies and solutions, new policy changes, and government incentives. This event will help businesses to share the issues mentioned above, and provide a chance to discuss and clarify, to see the potential, feasibility, and useful solutions for the industry.