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TMA at VIMF 2023: Showcasing Innovative Solutions in Manufacturing and Smart Building

TMA at VIMF 2023: Showcasing Innovative Solutions in Manufacturing and Smart Building - Created date25/06/2023

TMA attracts attention from visitors at the Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair (VIMF) 2023 with our breakthrough solutions.

VIMF 2023

VIMF 2023 takes place at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Binh Duong from June 19-21, marking the 18th edition of the international exhibition focused on machinery, equipment, materials, and applied technologies for manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and supporting industries in Vietnam. It provides a perfect platform for TMA to showcase innovative products and solutions in the fields of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Smart Buildings.

TMA Showcases Breakthrough Solutions at VIMF 2023

Impressive IoT Demo Suitcases

The main attractions at TMA's booth are their impressive demo suitcases. Among them, the IoT demo suitcase showcases a range of IoT devices and sensors for real-time data collection and analysis. These advanced technologies empower industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture to enhance work productivity and achieve efficient outcomes.

Modern Industrial AI Display

Additionally, TMA presents a modern Industrial AI Display designed for sectors including manufacturing, automation, and control rooms, ensuring accurate visual representation and facilitating seamless operations and intelligent decision-making.


TMA Innovation's Solutions For Smart Building

Furthermore, in this exhibition, TMA showcased the unique products from TMA Innovation. Through the presentation of T-Building and T-Locker, TMA had the opportunity to introduce comprehensive solutions, including smart security, utility services, environmental solutions, healthcare innovations, and smart energy solutions, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing costs for businesses.

As VIMF 2023 concluded, TMA's presence demonstrated commitment to technological advancement and our ability to meet the development needs of the industry. The innovative contributions made by TMA in this event will undoubtedly leave a profound impression and lay the foundation for future breakthroughs.