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TMA at Taipei International Trade Fair 2023: Connecting Global Technology

TMA at Taipei International Trade Fair 2023: Connecting Global Technology - Created date15/09/2023

The 2023 Taipei International Trade Fair was organized from September 12 to September 13, TMA Solutions, a Vietnam IT outsourcing company with 26 years of experience, showcased its commitment to fostering connections with large enterprises.


2023 Taipei International Trade Fair

The 2023 Taipei International Trade Fair is organized by the New Taipei City Computer Association (NTCA) and the government of New Taipei City. This is a large-scale event, helping businesses connect with each other, and creating a premise for trade promotion cooperation and product development cooperation.

The primary objective of this prestigious event was to create opportunities for Taiwanese businesses to collaborate and trade globally, addressing complex technology challenges and bringing innovative ideas to life.


TMA connects with many businesses

The event had the participation of more than 100 Taiwanese companies and many businesses from other countries. TMA is also one of the participating companies with the desire to connect with many businesses.


Notably, TMA Solutions had meetings with some of Taiwan's major corporations like Mitac, HomeScenarios, Gigabyte, and MSI  which have not only expanded our relationships but also brought TMA closer to the technological ideals of these large companies.


Desire to cooperate with hardware companies

During this event, TMA also wants to introduce software technology solutions to the international market, and at the same time hopes to combine with hardware from Taiwanese partner companies in the future.

In the future, the strong combination of TMA's software and the partner company's hardware promises to create breakthrough and high-quality technology products.

Opportunity for TMA

As TMA Solutions continues to leverage its extensive network and expertise, participating in the 2023 Taipei International Trade Fair has created opportunities for TMA to cooperate internationally and enhance TMA's brand recognition for businesses globally.

Through the activities at this event, many partners have come to Vietnam to visit TMA and seriously discuss further cooperation plans.



The event ended with great success and expanded relationships between participating businesses. Through this event, the government has launched many policies to support foreign businesses connecting with businesses in Taiwan, create favorable conditions for effective cooperation and development of the economies of the parties.