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How Vietnam's tech industry utilizes ChatGPT

How Vietnam's tech industry utilizes ChatGPT - Created date01/03/2023

Several tech firms in Vietnam are using OpenAI's ChatGPT to do different tasks, from writing codes and bug checking to data analysis and report creation. Quan, a CTO of a company specializing in website services, said that ChatGPT is capable of creating shortcodes to build a basic website within minutes. To accomplish the same task, it might take an engineer an entire day to manually code an entire website. Thu Hien, a specialist at the company, said the human side sometimes wins thanks to their experience and knowledge about the project. However, if ChatGPT were allowed to read all the codes of the project, it is likely that the chatbot might be able to find faulty parts that even the most experienced programmers may miss.

Engineers said programs designed to find bugs are not something new in the programming field. However, what sets ChatGPT apart is how quickly it can explain a problem and reach for a solution. Thanh said that if ChatGPT is not given a clear prompt, or if the reports it produces are not properly edited, the data analysis might be inaccurate, or even false. Moreover, the cost of using Open AI's API is still quite high for the Vietnamese market.

Source: vnexpress