TMA Solutions - telecom

Unified Communication. Network and Access Management. VoIP, SIP, Asterisk, soft switch. 4G LTE. Wireless and Edge Router.



Our team has developed, tested and maintained a wide range of telecom and network products: Unified Communication, Network and Access Management, VoIP, SIP, Asterisk, Soft Switch, 4G LTE and Wireless and Edge Router. With more than 1,000 experienced telecom engineers, our team can support the many different needs of your telecom and network products. TMA Solutions - Telecom Network Competencies

Sample Projects

  • Unified Communications
  • Enterprise Communications
  • IP PBX
  • Contact Center, IVR
  • Media Gateway, IMS
  • Mobile VoIP
  • VoIP/SIP/Cloud Phone
  • Broadsoft, Asterisk, Soft Phone
  • Security & Wireless Router
  • Network Management
  • Access Management
  • Broadband Access Management
  • Carrier VoIP and Applications
  • Universal Convergence Gateway
  • Service Edge Router
  • GGSN
  • 4G LTE
  • Web Switching and Firewall
For all details about our 26 years of experience in telecom & network, please visit the Telecom & Network Competency page