TMA software development services
Offshore Software Development. Maintenance & Support. Porting & Migration.



TMA has over 25 years of experience in software development along with great team of 4,000 software developers and architects. Below are industries and technologies we have been involved in:

  • Industries
    • Telecom/5G Automotive: 2,000 engineers
    • Finance and Insurance: 600 engineers
    • Healthcare: 400 engineers
    • E-commerce & Retail: 400 engineers
  • Technologies
    • Data Analytics & AI/ML: 400 engineers
    • IoT & Robotic: 600 engineers
    • Application Development: 400 engineers
    • Testing Center: 400 engineers


TMA is proud to provide high-quality engineering services for your operated business:
  • Full cycle development
    • Develop software applications from business ideas to deployment: requirement analysis, design, coding, testing, deployment, maintenance, and supporting
  • Porting & Migration
    • Port software to different programming languages or platforms
    • Migrate legacy systems to new technologies for improved performance and reduced maintenance and support costs
  • Sustaining
    • Maintain existing software, fix bugs, develop new features, etc
  • R&D partnership
    • Develop software based upon an initial design Develop modules and components of multi-partner software development projects


Based on industry practices and standards (CMMI, Agile, RUP, ISO9001, ISO 27001)
Meeting stringent requirements from leading companies

Skill Set

Wide Range of Skills

  • 500 Microsoft Technologies Developers
  • 300 C/C++ Developers
  • 350 PHP, Ruby, Golang, Python Developers
  • 300 Embedded, IoT Developers
  • 600 Java Developers
  • 500 NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS & Mobile Developers
  • 400 Big Data & Analytics & AI/ML Developers
  • 200 Cloud, DevOps Engineers

Mobile Application Development

  • 15 years Since 2007
    • Soft Phone, Call Control
    • Mobile DRM
    • Smart TV
    • Flutter, ReactNative
  • 120 enterprise applications delivered
    • e-Pub3, pdf, mp3, mp4
    • Linux kernel
    • HTML5, JQuery, Sencha Touch
  • 250 mobile developers
    • Bluetooth, Beacon
    • 3D, OpenGL, WebGL
    • AR, camera
    • Google Map, Bing Map, OpenStreet Map, Offline Map


Cloud Service

  • 12 years of experience
    • Providing cloud development services for leading enterprises
  • Experience DevOps Center
    • DevOps frameworks and solutions
  • 200 Certified Cloud Engineers
    • AWS , Azure, GCP Salesforce certificates
  • TMA Cloud Backend
    • Proven architecture, fast track development time, minimize

Big Data & Data Analytic

Data Warehousing

  • SSIS, SSRS, AWS Glue, AWS SQS, AWS DMS, AWS Kinesis Stream, AWS Kinesis Firehose, AWS EMR
  • Hbase, HDFS
  • MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Teradeta, AWS RedShift, AWS Aurora, AWS Athena, AWS Dynamo Database

BI and Data Visualization

  • Tableau, Splunk, Pentaho, QuickSight, PowerBI, PowerApp, Cognos, Jasper, Qlikview, Pentaho BI, Power View, Datazen


  • Python, R, Java, Hive, Scala, SAS, SPSS


  • Hadoop, Spark
  • Kafka, Storm, Sqoop, Flume
  • Mahout, Drill, Solr
  • Druid, SnappyData, Cassandra
  • Map Reduce, Pentaho

Predictive analytics

  • Regression
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Time Series

AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Deep learning: TensorFlow, Keras, Yolo
  • Model Optimization: TensorRT, OpenVINO

Reinforcement Learning

  • Markov decision process
  • Q-Learning and Deep Q-Networks

Supervised Learning

  • Neural Networks
  • Q-Learning and Deep Q-Networks
  • Support Vector Machines

Unsupervised Learning

  • K-Means Clustering
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Principal component analysis (PCA)
  • Latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA)


  • SAS
  • Google Cloud AI
  • Microsoft Azure AI
  • AWS AI

Computer Vision

  • Image/video analytics

Object Detection

  • Products, People, Vehicles


  • Category Theory

IoT Skillset


  • Edge computing
  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Java


  • Arduino
  • ESP
  • NVIDIA Jetson
  • Google Coral
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Google Coral
  • Xilinx
  • Sierrawireless FX30


  • 2G/3G/4G/NBIoT/5G
  • Bluetooth/BLE
  • Wifi
  • LoRa/LoRaWAN
  • Modbus
  • CAN
  • SLAM
  • MQTT
  • CoAP
  • LWM2M
  • AMQP


  • Android
  • RTOS
  • Yocto
  • Windows IoT Core
  • Linux
  • Raspberry Pi OS

IoT Platform

  • AWS IoT
  • Google Cloud IoT
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • SierraWireless Legato/Octave
  • Thingsboard


Enterprise Communications

  • SIP PBX, Unified Communication Applications, Contact Center, IP Phones


  • Network Provisioning/Monitoring/Control, Inventory Management
  • Resource Provisioning, Data Collection/Processing, Performance Management, Trouble Management
  • Fulfillment Process, Assurance Process, Billing Process
  • Cloud Manager and Orchestrator

Wireless & Carrier Communications

  • 5G Open RAN: O-CU, O-DU, NearRT RIC
  • NGN: Softswitch, SIP Application Server, Gateway Controller, Media Gateway, Signaling Gateway, Session Border Controller, Session Server Trunk
  • IMS: CSCF, BGCF, MGCF, HSS, SLF, Application Server


  • Backhaul Metro NODE, NID
  • Ethernet Routing Switch, Carrier Edge Router, BRAS
  • LAN Core/Access Switch, Data Center Switch

Automotive Software


  • Embedded RTOS for ECU, R-Car V2H, RH850, STM32, MPC56xx, S32K14x, STM32F413, ELM327, ESP8266
  • Automotive Camera: Front, Rear, Left-Side and Right-Side
  • ADAS: Cruise Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, Surrounding View Came


  • Ascet, Matlab-Simulink, SCADE, Qt, QML, QNX, Genevi, Yocto, Naver Map, NaviCore Map, Eclipse, VS Code, Gcc for arm, KiCad, ESP8266 NONOS SDK


  • Matlab Simulink
  • Matlab Stateflow
  • Model in Loop
  • Software in Loop



Embedded Software


  • FIFO, PISO, MUX, Hash, DDR RAM Handling, VHDL & Verilog, Xilinx ISE


  • GSM/GPRS, Zigbee, BLE, Beacon, RFID, WIFI, 3G, MQTT

Firmware & Device Drivers

  • Keil C, IAR, Altium, Buildroot, Openembedded, Openwrt


  • VxWorks, Linux/Real-time Linux, Android, ucLinux, ttylinux, gentoo


  • ARM, x86, MIPS, PIC, AVR32


  • USB, Ethernet, LCD, CF/MMC/SD

Sample Projects

Performance Management

An innovation leader in network technologies.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Support Multi-vendor & multi-application
  • Auto device discovery
  • Data aggregation
  • Performance data reporting and analysis
  • Real-Time Alarming
  • Topology
  • End-to-End Dashboards
  • Advanced Reporting Tool
  • Maintaining and customer support for the product

Enterprise Communication

A global leader in contact center and enterprise communication solutions.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Set up the test domain, environment
  • Verify all supported functionalities of the OTT services in various platforms: video/audio call, conference, message, voice, group call, presence
  • Verify push notifications for active/passive push on android and iOS
  • Verify 2FA with 1 million subscribers via BOT tools
  • Verify media stream under different network conditions
  • Verify media stream switch back and forth between wifi and 4G/LTE
  • Verify interaction with Voice mail service, multi-party & collaboration and SIP client for Call-P service

Capital markets – post-trade solutions

A market-leading provider of software and services to the global financial services industry delivering innovative, robust, and reliable solutions for capital markets, securities processing, and wealth administration.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Pre-Settlement: supports multiple asset classes and markets for greater operational efficiency
  • Clearing and Settlement: perform international clearing, settlement, and corporate action. Supports all major ETC protocols and all settlement types
  • Trade Accounting: provides integration with standard corporate GL systems, accounting for commission attribution and sharing arrangements, and financial transaction taxes

Demand Forecasting And Inventory Planning System

A leading retailer in the US.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Diagnostic and Prescriptive Analytics: identity what happen with the sales amount and give tactical strategies based on historical data
  • Hybrid predicting method: combine classical/statistics approach with modern deep learning technologies to predict future demand, and consider many complicated factors such as special events, seasonality, promotions, and price sensitivity,…
  • Full flow for multiple data sources: collect multi data source likes i.e e-commerce, store sales, market,... and feed into the system to serve multiple proposes
  • Planning: plan the warehousing, promotion plan, and on-shelf availability to satisfy the customer demand

Warehouse Systems Integration

A third largest health insurance provider in the US.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

Integration Applications
  • Connect multiple parties together using the WS02 ESB platform
  • ETL data between parties
  • Develop Admin UI app to manage transactions
Data Warehouse
  • Migration Data Warehouse (DW) from On-Premises to AWS Cloud.
  • Provides Design Architecture, solutions and implementation Data Warehouse using AWS services.

IoT Heavy Vehicle and Driver Fatigue Management Solution

An innovative system combines all Driver Safety, Truck Safety, and Maintenance elements from an Australian company.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Manage Organization: build platform support for web and mobile
  • Collect Data: collect data from IoT devices called trackers and blackbox
  • Manage Fatigue: synchronizes to get data from IoT devices and getting driver’s data input to build comprehensive functions for driver fatigue management and driver safety that fully complies with The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) of Australia’s regulator
  • Integrate 360 Camera: allows the drivers to view a 360 Camera in the mobile application screen
  • Manage truck weight:allows the driver to calibrate the truck (Scale, Tare, Weight) by truck pressures sensors (IoT device)
  • Support reporting, alerts, and administrative features for Heavy Vehicle and Driver Fatigue Management purposes.

Buy Now and Pay Later Solution

A system allows customers to pay later in 4 equal monthly instalments.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Build the Administrator and Merchant web portal.
  • Build the mobile and web application for customers.
  • Build API to allow merchant integrations.
  • Build Magento and WooCommerce plugins to integrate with Merchant’s e-commerce websites.

NFT Trading Platform

A Web3 trading platform based on smart contracts.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Support multiple smart contracts for multiple tokens types
  • Support both non-fungible tokens and semi-fungible tokens
  • Reduce transaction costs by batch transfer solutions

Digital Product Trading

A digital product trading platform based on smart contracts.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Support cryptocurrency payment
  • Turn products into Digital NFTs
  • Support digital wallet

Gym Solution

A boutique fitness studio franchise based in Florida. Providing solutions to guide organizations and studio owners to create training classes and support for members to exercise in the most effective way. Support 1,500 studios throughout 50 US states, 23 countries globally, and one million users.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM): Manage customer information, approach, and communicate with customers
  • Information management: Manage members, gym equipment, monitor and measure members' exercise intensity
  • Smart payment platform: Manage membership card purchases and sales and expenses and revenue of the gym according to the franchise model
  • Challenge creation application: The application creates exercises, challenges for practitioners, and helps coaches to guide members to practice
  • Online training: The application creates online training sessions which allow members to connect and interact and practice with the coach
  • Body mass index and exercise intensity tracking:Track exercise data and exercise intensity through wearable devices such as heart rate, step value, calories and exercise intensity