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TMA participating in Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum 2022

TMA participating in Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum 2022 - Created date16/04/2022

The HEF 2022 event (Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum 2022) with the theme "Digital economy: The growth engine and future development of Ho Chi Minh City" organized by the People is Committee of Ho Chi Minh City started on the morning of April 15. This was an important annual event in order to collect the opinions of experts, scientists, and domestic and foreign businesses in the fields of development of the city.

TMA was honored to be invited to attend as a typical technology business booth, which has been actively contributing to the growth of the Digital Economy of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, TMA attended this event with the goal of promoting the brand of TMA Technology Group, affirming its position as a leading technology corporation in Vietnam. Bringing solutions developed by TMA such as Smart Building, Remote Health Monitoring (mCare), and Smart Camera, the TMA is booth attracted both domestic and foreign attendees.

Attending HEF 2022 were leaders of central and city departments. The program also had the participation of 29 international experts, 16 domestic experts, international financial institutions, organizations, agencies, and business associations; more than 900 delegates attended in person and more than 100 delegates attended online.