TMA  Solutions - management team

TMA Solutions is thriving under the guidance and leadership
of an experienced executive team.


TMA  Solutions - chairman

Dr. Nguyen Huu Le - Chairman

Dr. Le has been working in the IT/Telecom field for over four decades in Australia, Canada, U.K., and Japan. He has been a pioneer in the development of the software industry in Vietnam. He spent 22 years with Nortel, and was mostly involved in the R&D Globalization and Externalization programs. One of his most important contributions was the recognition and utilization of the skilled human resources from the Asia Pacific region, including Japan, China, Vietnam, and India. He left Nortel as the Director of Global R&D Planning in 2000 to become the President and CEO of Paragon Asia Pacific, managing their development centers in Vietnam and India. Since joining TMA as Chairman at the end of 2001, he also serves as the Chief Marketing Officer to promote TMA to the world, and as the Chief Mentor, to help build the foundation for the company based on the best practices in the industry.

TMA  Solutions - CEO

Ms. Anh Bui - CEO

Ms. Bui started her career after obtaining a master’s degree in Commerce from Van Hanh University. She began working in the construction industry, rising to become the Chief Accountant of the Foreign Construction Company of the Ministry of Trade, responsible for all the financial planning of the company. After taking early retirement, she founded TMA in 1997. Bui now brings her wealth of management experience to the role of President and CEO of TMA.

TMA  Solutions - CFO

Ms. Duong Pham - Vice President, CFO

Duong obtained her Diploma of Marketing from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, and upon her return to Vietnam in 1996, joined Ming On (Vietnam) as a Marketing Executive. At its founding she joined TMA as the Director of HR and Administration. Duong was promoted to Vice President in October 2005 and focuses on finance and legal.

TMA  Solutions -  Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Ms. Uyen Pham - Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Uyen received a degree in Tourism Management in Australia in 1994. She has over 11 years of experience in advertising and business development working for JWT Vietnam, a member of one of the largest American advertising companies, WPP Communication Group. Her last position there was Group Account Director, the highest position in JWT Vietnam held by a Vietnamese person. Uyen joined TMA in 2007 to manage Human Resources & Administration.

TMA  Solutions - Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Hong Tran - Vice President, Business Development

Hong obtained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences and a MBA from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology. Hong joined TMA in 1998 and managed many software projects before moving to business and corporate activities. Currently Hong is in charge of Business Development, IT Services, and Visual Design Group.

TMA  Solutions - Senior Director, Corporate Development

Dr. Quang D. Bui - Senior Director, Corporate Development

Quang has been working in the Telecom field for more than 20 years. Quang obtained his B.Sc. in Telecommunication from the University of Communication and Transportation, Vietnam; MSc. in Communication, Networks, and Software from University of Surrey, England; and PhD in Electronics and Computer Engineering from RMIT University, Australia. He worked for 14 years for Hanoi Post and Telecommunication, and then for the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication in both technical and management positions. He left the Ministry as Deputy Director General of the IT Department. Since joining TMA at the end of 2010, he has been in charge of TMA's R&D (TMA Research) and many corporate development functions: Project Management Office (PMO), Quality Management System (QMS), TMA Training Center (TTC), Learning and Leadership Center (TL2C), and Student Development Center (SDC).

TMA  Solutions - Senior Director, Corporate Development

Mr. Lac Bui - Vice President, Delivery

Lac has been working in the Telecom software for 20 years. Lac joined TMA since 1997 as one of the first engineers. He started as a technical architect on complex projects for TMA, then managed many delivery programs. Now he serves as the vice president responsible for all delivery groups.

TMA  Solutions - Director, North American office

Mr. Alex Newcombe - Director, North America Operations

Alex has both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and over 20 years of experience at Nortel working on telecommunications software design, hardware-software interface, systems engineering, and project management. His experience spans the entire software lifecycle and a range of telecommunications products large and small. He joined TMA in 2007 and is now the director of the North American office.

TMA  Solutions - Director, Business Development North America

Mr. Minh Nguyen - Director, Business Development North America

Minh obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from RMIT University and his MBA from the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto). Prior to joining TMA, Minh was a management consultant at Deloitte Canada for 5 years, where he specialized in corporate strategy, business transformation, and organization design.

TMA  Solutions - Director, Australian Office

Mr. Tuan Nguyen - Managing Director, TMA Australia

Tuan has an IT career spanning over 25 years with extensive experience in IT business solution delivery. In that time he has worked for several local and global software vendors and consulted to large Australian government agencies. More recently he has held a number of management and leadership positions for companies ranging from multinationals to start-ups. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computing & Mathematics. Tuan’s role now is focussed on supporting TMA clients in Australia and New Zealand, to maximize TMA’s value and ensure customer satisfaction.

TMA  Solutions - Manager, Japanese Office

Mr. Sato Nobuo - CEO, TMA Japan

After graduating from Tsuruoka National College of Technology’s faculty of Electrical Engineering, Sato joined Ricoh Techno Systems Co. Ltd. In 2001, he established ZeeVaa Communications Inc., a CTI/CRM software development Company, and has been working as a CEO until now. Sato was Offshore Business Executive Manager for TMA Japan since 2013 and was promoted to CEO in 2015.

TMA  Solutions - Manager, Chief Data Scientist

Dr. David Levett - Chief Data Scientist

David has more than 30 years of experience in applying data sciences in many projects for large enterprises like British Airways, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, GE, British Telecom, Ford, UBS, Credit Suisse, Nomura, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Hilton Hotels, Marriot Hotels, etc. David is providing technical advice and support for all data science and AI projects in TMA. He has been conducting many training courses to build data science groups in HCMC and in TMA Innovation Park in Quy Nhon City, help developing TMA’s world class capabilities and expertise in Data Science, AI and Machine Learning.