Solution Highlights

  • Create a CRM platform dedicated for customer fitness business.
  • Integrate with the latest devices to monitor heart rate and other health indexes.
  • Develop virtual fitness class solutions.

About Client

Our client is a global leader in the fitness industry and a renowned American boutique fitness studio franchise, is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. By integrating the latest advancements, they aim to revolutionize the fitness journey, ensuring that each customer receives personalized, innovative, and exceptional service.


Client Challenges

As a leading fitness company, our client faces the daily challenge of storing information and maintaining relationships with customers. To address this challenge, they want an application to support the company in handling customer information and integrating their current platform with the latest devices and technologies. That’s why they turned to TMA, a leading healthcare software development company in Vietnam with 17 years of experience in the HealthTech industry.



TMA developed a Fitness Management Platform with the following components:

  • Real-time tracking: Based on workout performance tracking via a heart rate monitor through an application.
  • Integrated data analysis: Integration with various heart rate monitor devices, ensuring comprehensive tracking and analysis capabilities.
  • Online booking: Providing an online booking tool in multiple studios.


With the work completed by TMA outsourcing service:

  • Personalized workout: By adjusting your level of effort based on your heart rate.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Allows for the delivery of high-quality, personalized fitness experiences.