Project highlights

  • Integration of Chatbot solution to improve response times to user inquiries, significantly reducing negative feedback and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  • Equipped with advanced functionalities to handle a wide range of tasks, including addressing user inquiries, automating routine tasks, and providing reliable health information as well as basic mental health support.

About Client

Our client specializes in Remote Health Monitoring and Care solutions, catering to individuals, families, and healthcare organizations across Vietnam. They develop an app that enables their end users to track personal health data, access telehealth services, and receive personalized health insights.


Client Challenges

As the number of users increases, our client faces growing difficulties, including:

  • Negative feedback from customers when there is delay in responding to their questions.
  • High operational costs on providing customer service.
  • Resolving queries via calling hotlines or providing FAQs/ instruction guideline is not convenient to end-users, especially elderly users.


TMA’s health virtual assistant is integrated into our client’s app, offering support to users

  • Addressing queries through a knowledge base derived from FAQs and instructional documents.
  • Interpreting health diagnosis data and providing comprehensive summaries of user health metrics.
  • Managing customer requests including scheduling appointments with doctors, planning workouts, and setting reminders that support users in monitoring and reaching their health objectives (weight, calorie intake, steps, and sleep pattern).


  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Reduce negative feedback by improving response times to customer inquiries.
  • Cost efficiency: Cut operational costs by 25% through automation.
  • Streamlined health management: Facilitate better health management with automated reminders and easy access to health information.