The tech-giants have moved to Vietnam. Why and will you follow suit?

The significant improvements to infrastructure, steady economic growth, and a young and dynamic workforce have helped the country to become an attractive destination for technology and software outsourcing. Many tech giants have already caught on to this shift, such as Intel, Samsung, Nokia, Bosch, and Panasonic, to name a few.

Techgiants in Vietnam - High tech manufacturing

Techgiants in Vietnam - R&D software outsourcing
This paper will evaluate some of the reasons that these tech giants have brought outsourcing operations to Vietnam, including cost effectiveness, tax incentives, a strong labor force, social-economic stability and language skills.
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ICT Sector in Vietnam

Vietnam ICT industry (especially software and services) has been growing tremendously over the past decade. Vietnam has strong ICT foundation and has been appreciated by many international organizations.

Why Vietnam for Digital Banking

Young demographics, strong e-commerce growth, and growing smartphone and internet penetration have laid the foundation for Vietnam to become a promising market for fin-tech companies.

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An executive summary of the whitepaper content with a concise introduction about Vietnam’s potential as an outsourcing powerhouse.

Full report

The detailed analysis of Vietnam technology and software outsourcing, quoted from tech-giants and many global observers.
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