Low-code Solution Services

TMA - software, QA, testing

Low-code Solution Services


TMA have 5 years of experience in providing professional low code, high performance and quality solution services to our valued customers of Finance, Insurance, Banking in USA and Australia.

  • Over 15 applications and growing
  • 11,000 hours saved across the business on first delivery from an application.
  • 6 months saved on the first app.
  • 3x faster delivery with high performance and quality.


Below are the five main services our Professional Low-code Service Center can offer and applications we have provided:

Modernize the legacy ecosystems

  • Claim Service Center Portal
  • Claim mobile application
  • Garage Management portal

Integrate the ecosystems

  • Import/Export data to core data platform ecosystems
  • Bridging data between ecosystems

Automate processes

  • Purchasing Orders and Invoice processing
  • Expense Tracker and Report
  • Automated Underwriting
  • Automated Claims

Digital transformation for business

  • Personal Financial Questionnaire Portal
  • Wealth Management Considerations Portal
  • Adviser Meeting Notes Builder portal

Innovate workplace

  • Performance Management Portal
  • Employee Benefits Portal
  • Rostering/Workforce Management Portal


By Low-code Platforms we could develop/deliver solutions just with

  • Simple clicks and drag/drop actions
  • A variety of UI/logic patterns and components available to use quickly
  • Live style guide and excellent templates to provide great user experience
  • CI/CD just a single click
  • REST/SOAP APIs and connectors to integrate in/external ecosystems and databases
  • Configure Price Quote solution
  • Our application architecture design
  • And Process of code maintainability and architecture integration

That have helped to:

  • Speed up time to value.
  • Reduce your business backlogs.
  • Have an excellent user experience. 
  • As well as high performance and quality applications.

Skill set - Capabilities

We have valuable skillsets to provide excellent solutions to digitize your business use cases in a variety of business lines.


  • Environment Infrastructure setup and administration
  • Tools for application
    • Development
    • Deployment
    • Validation
    • Monitoring
    • Administration


  • OutSystems Platform:
    • Live Style Guide
    • OutSystemsUI
    • Service Studio
    • Integration Studio
    • Architecture Dashboard
    • Service Center, Lifetime
    • Workflow Builder, Integration Builder, DB Connectors, CMF, BPT
    • Forge
  • Salesforce Platform:
    • Visualforce and Apex
    • Lightning
    • Salesforce Object Query Language
    • Salesforce CPQ platform
    • Sales Cloud
    • Service Cloud
    • Community Cloud
  • Microsoft Power Platform:
    • Power BI
    • Power Automate
    • Virtual Agent


  • Miro, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Skype


  • Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, invision


  • Robo 3T, SQL Server Management Studio, MySQL Workbench, SQLyog


  • Insomnia, Auth0, SonarQube

Sample Projects

Data Bridging Application
An Australian Financial Advice Group needs to provide an endpoint to receive required data from third parties and process it to be the valid data to put to its core system.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Bridging to transfer data: from business systems and core systems
  • Expose public REST APIs: authenticated via Auth0 for the third parties to post its data
  • The internal process services: provide the security/validation/storing/processing data into valid data to be put to the core system via integration service
  • Admin Portal and email service: setup/configure/administrate the app and send email out on error/warning/reporting to the desired responsible parties
Data Distribution Application
A Financial Advice Group has needed a web portal to allow its distributors to report the products’ complaints and target market determinations in single/complex data then will be analyzed /processed subsequently by other solution via rule engine.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Developing applications: for a variety of Line of business in Finance, Banking, Insurance…
  • Web portal: for outside world distributors to authenticate using 2FA in other to upload data as file/submit data via web form
  • The process to store: in database SQL Server where the rule Engine will connect to do further analysis.
Integrate Existing Ecosystems
This customer is an insurance company based in the US. They have a system in need to modernize and integrate ecosystems of its user experience with Web Application, Mobile Application in order to provide services to its customers and its users (Managers/Administrators/Loss Adjusters) to make their process faster and more optimized

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Automated process of garage management: automate the Garage registration process and administrate/manage the registered garages
  • Claim services report: support loss adjusters and customers to claim accidents by using their mobile devices to report the case at the scene to the service center via an internet connection and further the claim process at the service center
Generate Precise Quotes For Products Complex
A big company in Australia that distributes power generators would like us to implement a CPQ solution (Configure, Price, Quote) based on their Salesforce platform to have a better sales process from an opportunity to quote. Power generators are complex products that are made of the main engine and other parts.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Integrate with their existing ERP system (Infor M3): for synchronization of the generator products in CPQ and their BOM (Bill of Materials) in ERP.
  • Implement a process: from an opportunity to quote for bundle products
  • Implement engineering support request flow: while configuring bundle products of a quote
  • Implement pricing framework: with markup (from product cost) and discount (from list price) per product segment, account type, region, specific customer and/or specific product, etc.
  • Develop quote templates: the implementation leverages the Bundle Product feature of Salesforce CPQ to provide a better user experience on configuring the products during quote process.