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With a team of skilled technology staffs, we have a worldwide customer network with countries such as Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam. We have more than 10 years of experience in developing insurance applications in the areas below:

  • AutoCare Insurance
  • AutoCare Tracking
  • Quotation Tool
  • Sales Support Tool
  • Sales Agent Tool

How can we help insurance companies?

Develop Insurance Customer Application

  • Develop application that helps customers to get the quotation for insurance services, claiming, etc

Build Learning Tool for Insurance Agent

  • Build a Learning tool which helps every insurance employee to define & upgrade their career path

Increase Operation Productivity

  • Apply the latest technology to improve the productivity for the sales team, customer service, claim handling, internal operation, recruitment, etc

Modernize Legacy System

  • Move to cloud, apply automation, mobile enabled technologies, AI while retaining features tailored to its specific business needs

Risk Discovery

  • We find staff that have elevated risk from excessive access, and give management the tools they need to make well-informed decisions tracking success through intuitive reports and dashboards.

Innovation as a Service

  • Apply the latest technologies (Big Data & Analytics, AI & Machine Learning, Blockchain, and IoT) and innovative solutions (RPA Automation, Analytics, Machine optimization, etc.) to transform and optimize insurance company operations

Go Mobile

  • Utilize our available solutions/ frameworks to develop mobile/ tablet applications that help to interact with insurance customers, partners or increase employee efficiency with effective cost

Go Digital

  • Consult and implement digital transformation solutions suitable to each insurance companies’ needs. Apply TMA available solutions to reduce the time and cost of digital conversion

Go Online

  • Help insurance companies transform their business models online. Develop or optimize the mobile & web application/ website to interact with customers. Design support system (back-office)

Go Cloud

  • Design and deploy cloud computing solutions. Analyze the current insurance system to determine which apps and data should be moved to the cloud. Consult the right cloud for each business. Transform data and applications to the cloud

Go Smart

  • Convert devices into smart devices. Develop software applying 5G and image & video recognition technologies for smart cameras, robots, drones, etc.

Go Automation

  • Apply artificial intelligence, natural language analysis, photo and video recognition technologies to create solutions to automate insurance business processes to increase productivity, increase accuracy and save labor costs

Go Integrated

  • Integrate individual applications into one system, design unified data, generate reports and analysis among departments, branches and member in insurance companies.

Go Interactive

  • Apply the latest methods to create intuitive and interactive insurance web, mobile, and PC interface designs

Go Secure

  • Consult and implement security solutions in insurance companies, assess Website safety, build security and network operating centers

Skill Sets

We have built a framework that can cover the key modules in an insurance company such as customer relationship management, document management, claim management, learning services, etc.

Mobile Architecture:

We develop mobile architecture that optimizes the interaction with customer and enhance employee productivity.

Frameworks / Libraries

The system has 3 layers: client apps, mobile gateway, and platform infrastructure to handle operations.

Sample Projects

Autocare Insurance Sales Portal

A mobile friendly autocare insurance sales portal that helps customers to get a quote and make payment for car insurance.

Get a quote

  • Automatically calculate the quotation for the insurance package that the customer has selected

Policy Information

  • Calculate the insurance premium based on customers' policyholders, driver, vehicle info, and insurance period

Payment Integration

  • Integrate with different payment methods such as Momo, Onepay

Insurance Quotation Tool

The quotation management system helps insurance agents create quotations and manage customers online.

Quotation Creation

  • Allow agents to create quotations online and track the quotation status

Customer Relationship Management

  • Allow agents to search and view contact from the list to detail
  • Allow agents to manage leads and schedule their work

Document Storage

  • Allow agents to view and manage internal documents

Insurance Sale Support

Insurance sale support application allows customer service teams to managetheir activities and customer information.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Allow the customer service team to manage leads, customer information, and their upcoming events and service requests

Product Management

  • Manage product list, support for a product  destination

Customer Policy Management

  • Allow insurance companies to track and change customer policy details

Insurance Activity Tracking

  • Show the customer service team their upcoming activities, task scheduling, and push notifications for customer activities

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A mobile portal that helps staff to manage all insurance assets on mobile devices andprovide a simple online procedure.

Customer Relationship

  • Allow the customer service team to manage leads, customer information, and their upcoming events and service requests

Online Document/ Property Management

  • Allow staff to control and access their documents, reports, and claims anytime, anywhere

Online Recruitment

  • Provide online recruitment procedures from submitting applications to position approval

Online Sharing

  • Allow insurance staff to share personal cards, documents, or news with insurance channel or social channels

Online Document Signing

  • Allow secure and fast approval or reject an application. Selfie required to determine and proceed

Claim Management

  • Allow the insurance company to approve or reject the claim request

Insurance Sales Agent Learning Tool

An E-learning Management System that helps insurance sales agent clarify the training road map to upgrade their career path. manage and track agents’ learning progress.

View the training roadmap and get a certification

  • Sales Agents can see the career path overview and training roadmap to upgrade their level

View upcoming classes, take exams and assessment

  • Allow multiple types of training that everyone can access and learn anytime, anywhere

QR Code for check-in

  • Allow agents to view and manage internal documents

Autocare Tracking Insurance

Autocare Tracking insurance is a mobile/web application that allows insurance companies/collision repair facilities to manage the detailed car repair progress.

Repair Status Tracking

  • Allow repair shop/ insurance companies to track their customer vehicle status by photo and latest repair status information

Repair Status Management

  • Allow insurance companies to automatically generate reports about progress and repair details of customer cars

Customer Support

  • Connect repair shops with their customers to support and update the vehicle status

Shop Performance Monitoring

  • Allow the repair shops to manage the repair process and workflow of employees