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  • 17 years of experiences
  • 600+ engineers
  • Customer from many countries: Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam


Our development services are readily used to speed up the business growth

  • Requirement analysis for Financial Markets
  • Strong FinTech development teams with solid technical skills and extensive domain expertise in Financial Markets
  • Optimized software development process with rich experience in Enterprise Agile frameworks (SAFe, LeSS)

Domain Expertise

TMA applies the latest technology to improve productivity for Finance companies in investments, operations, etc.

Asset Management

Wealth Management - Superannuation

Retirement Plan

  • Optimized and flexible solutions to adapt diversified Client’s retirement plans
  • Powerful platform having ability to create flexible administration procedures and innovative product design

Model Portfolio Management

  • Advanced tools supporting investment plan creation and maintenance to satisfy various financial goals
  • Online seamless process
  • Individual/Bulk process supported

Investment Management

MainStream Investments

  • Create and manage their investment accounts
  • Invest and manage their financial assets: Stock/ Bond/ Term Deposit/ Managed
  • Fund Trade/ invest on International Equities (IE) of many global security exchanges

Alternative Investments

  • Trade/ invest in Foreign Exchange (FX) market (Ex: USA/ GBP/EURO/ HKD…)


  • Provide many kinds of reports to investors/advisors and fund managers:
    • Investment reporting
    • Financial reporting
    • Tax reporting

Institutional Capital Markets

Post-Trade Processing


  • Provide post-execution and pre-settlement transaction processing
  • Support multiple asset classes and markets for greater operational efficiency

Clearing and Settlement

  • Allow banks and brokers to perform international clearing, settlement, and corporate action
  • Support all major ETC protocols out-of-the-box (e.g. Oasys, CTM, GETC, FIX, Iress)
  • Support all settlement types including SWIFT 15022, 20022

Trade Accounting

  • Provide integration with standard corporate GL systems
  • Provide accounting for commission attribution and sharing arrangements
  • Provide accounting for financial transaction taxes

Cash Flow Management

Credit Request

  • Clients Management
  • Transactions Management

Credit Approval

  • Credit Checks Management


  • Settlements Management

Payment Collection

  • Payments Collection Management


  • Departments and Staffs
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Reports Management
  • Products Management


Payment System

User Portal

  • Customer Management
  • Perform Transactions
  • Users Reports

Mobile Apps

  • Check Balance
  • Perform Transactions
  • Customer Reports

Management Portal

  • Transaction Management
  • Know Your Customer
  • Users Management
  • Report Management


Embedded Finance

Branded Card Issuing

  • Customer Management
  • Card Management
  • Transactions

Buy Now Pay Later

  • Merchant Portal
  • Merchant Integration
  • Admin Portal




Speech Rec

Google Cloud

Blockchain Tech



Tokenization Smart Chain


Sample Projects

Cash flow management application

A dynamic, innovative, technology-focused provider of credit and payment solutions to businesses. Supported over 7,000 Australian businesses.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Accounting System Synchronization: synchronizes data from different accounting software
  • Payment Reminder: tracks debts and reminds customers when payment is due
  • Customer Credit Information Update: monitors the credit risk of customers and suppliers, notifies of important changes to avoid bad debts, and ensures the business cash flow
  • Customer Credit Check/Assessment:checks the solvency of customers based on a number of criteria such as bankruptcy, personnel situation, owner rights, etc
  • Real-time Statistics/ Data Analysis: provides statistical data on the current cash flow situation and predicts future cash flow trends

Capital markets – post-trade solutions

A market-leading provider of software and services to the global financial services industry delivering innovative, robust, and reliable solutions for capital markets, securities processing, and wealth administration.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Pre-Settlement: supports multiple asset classes and markets for greater operational efficiency
  • Clearing and Settlement: perform international clearing, settlement, and corporate action. Supports all major ETC protocols and all settlement types
  • Trade Accounting: provides integration with standard corporate GL systems, accounting for commission attribution and sharing arrangements, and financial transaction taxes

Data report on stock-on-hand

An Australian dairy ingredient processor which produces and markets value-added dairy products to the global food manufacturing market.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Integrate raw data: integrates a meaningful business context and visualizes data for business users
  • Collect data: gather multiple data sources such as stock inventory system and third-party system

Branded Card Issuing Solution

The system issues branded prepaid cards, support plastic cards, and virtual cards provided by a leading payments company in Australia.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Build the card management portal
  • Build the mobile application to allow customers to activate, view and track transactions
  • Build API to allow advanced integrations with other parties

Buy Now and Pay Later Solution

The system allows customers to pay later in 4 equal monthly installments provided by a leading payments company in Australia.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Build the Administrator and Merchant web portal
  • Build the mobile and web application for customers
  • Build API to allow merchant integrations
  • Build Magento and WooCommerce plugins to integrate with Merchant’s e-commerce websites

Blockchain for Certification and Security

AThe digital bank solution provides financial services and transactions in a quick and safer manner.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Letter of Guarantee
    • Blockchain network with 14 banks
    • Record all transactions and not altered
  • eDocuments
    • Easy documents verification: issues and certifies documents
    • Remove middleman verification process: by using Blockchain technology

Stable Coin

The stablecoin, to be called AUDC, provides a digital representation of the Australian dollar and will be secured with a 1:1 backing of AUD fiat value.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Build features to manage User, Transaction, Wallet, and Asset
  • Build Key Generator

NFT Trading Platform

A Web3 trading platform based on smart contracts.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Support multiple smart contracts for multiple tokens types
  • Support both non-fungible tokens and semi-fungible tokens
  • Reduce transaction costs by batch transfer solutions

Digital Product Trading

A digital product trading platform based on smart contracts.

TMA helped them successfully to achieve:

  • Support cryptocurrency payment
  • Turn products into Digital NFTs
  • Support digital wallet